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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  January 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now, abc 2 news at 11:00. you prayed for him at the cashe'd ral, you absoluted him from the highway. for you who knew mark balkan hand, consider yourselves lucky. >> he was the guy that came to your home when your grandfather had a heart attack or when your sister broke her ankle or when a mommy to be need add rush job to jb mc. he was on a fire call that called him home last week. cheryl connor with an emotional day for all of us. >> reporter: that's right, for all of us who didn't know him it's tough to hold back the tears as we watched this day unfold. in the end firefighters from as far away as new york, virginia, and pennsylvania came to honor him. >> if you met him one time, you never forgot him.
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>> reporter: if life was measured by the number of people we touch, mark nfl canhan was a master. 3,000 people came to say good- bye to the man they said could engage anybody. >> he was never seen without a smile in every picture we have of him. >> reporter: he was inside the cathedral of mary our queen the life of one man who was a firefighter, paramedic, diver, instructor, a husband and father of two sons, was remembered. >> mark's life was full of meaning. let us draw strength from his example. and allow his sacrifice to renew our commitment to our vocation and determination to be a better people.
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>> reporter: he spent his career putting lives before his own. rising to chief in middle river, becoming an instructor in fire safety for the u.s. secret service, all the while volunteering at the lutherville fire company. last week he became trapped when fire spread inside a millen dale apt. >> he was a dedicated trainer, trained a lot of different people, and we will learn a lot from this incident. we'll take everything we can from it and learn from it. >> reporter: as they reached the memorial garden cars were still leaving the cathedral. his son road on the truck that care he'd his father. >> reporter: god, you have shared the life of mark falconhan, before he was ours he was yours.
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>> the. the flag from his coffin was given to his wife and the 14-year-old son's pain as he was handed his dad's helmet. >> and for his life we give you thanks. >> reporter: he had 25 years of fire service, trained thousands of recruits, firefighters and federal agents who now carry his legacy. cheryl o'connor, abc 2 news. >> tough to watch. >> oh definitely. >> our thoughts and prayers are with them there. >> yes. after the scarce we had two weeks ago all across the area the words "suspicious package" have people on edge a little bit. >> and it was an industrial site swarmed as report of an questionable package came in. a company that distributes ought motive lubricants, then a reverse 911 call that went out to the industrial park.
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some buildings were evacuated, others were told to stay put, stay right where you are. at one point the bomb squad went in came back out with a few packages, that's all we know no word of any injuries or in any of the packages were dangerous. a very cold day of weather across the state. in fact we looked at temperatures today never getting out of the 20s, yeah, cold stuff. temperatures finally leveling off. we've got warmer air coming our way tomorrow. take a look at some of the numbers. 28 the inner harbor, 29 annapolis, 24 in york, and 28 down in cambridge. across the region we're looking at milder air beginning to work its way up in through virginia and also out into west virginia. we expect that to arrive tomorrow, they'll push close to 40 noon, 1:00. in the low 40s, in some cases the mid-40s, late tomorrow afternoon, especially as you go south of baltimore.
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clouds begin to roll in tomorrow night as yet another approaching storm system makes its way into the state. this one looking like it's going to create a pretty wild ride on weapon. what that means coming up. back to you guys. tonight members of the city council calling for patients after angry protests were staged against the new prosecutor. >> gregg bernstein took office just this month and the protest stemmed from his handling of a case in which a member of a jewish patrol group was charged with assaulting a teenager in northwest baltimore. christian schaefer brings us that story tonight. >> kelly, new know it is a story with racial overtones. members of that jewish patrol group charged with assaulting an african-american teenager. it is one of the first cases to come before him as state attorney. signs called the police commissioner and the state's attorney enemies of the people. >> that's the unholy alliance we're talking about. >> reporter: much of the anger
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dealing from the case of ely wormen shine. he was charged with assaulting an african-american teenager while on patrol in northwest baltimore. last week the state's attorney's office dropped a felony assault charge against him. he still faces misdemeanor charges. also last week the state's attorney filed identical charges against his brother in connection with the same incident. the protestors believe if african-american suspects had assaulted a teenager bernstein would not have dropped the felony charge. >> prosecute the crimes for what they are, they are crimes. prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. we do not need a double start of justice. >> no. >> reporter: it's an accusation bernstein rejects, late monday he released a statement saying "no factors beyond the facts and the law were considered nor will any factors outside the facts and the law ever be considered in making charging decisions in future cases." the president of the baltimore city council says bernstein should be given the opportunity to make his case. >> i think people should wait
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and let the state's attorney do what he is supposed to do and let's see what happens from there. >> reporter: councilman oaks argued charges should be suspended but said he wants to know why. >> reporter: we should have an explanation as to why he lowered the charges on what he feels is necessary to win a conviction. >> reporter: now those protestors promised to be back at the courthouse for the brothers upcoming court dates. they are scheduled to be arraigned on february 16th. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >> thanks chris. we want to know what you think. is this a case of racial bias or is the criticism unfair? share your thoughts on the facebook page, post on our wall. 110 people, 110 people attended a court hearing today for jared loughner, his family nowhere to be found. loughner is accused of a
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shooting that killed 6, wounded 13, chewing a congresswoman, he wore a prisoner's orange jump suit, his wrists were cuffed in chains, he spent only a few minutes pleading not guilty. he wore glasses and looked at times like he rinkled up his face and laughed openly at his own attorney. his hair, off that mug shot we had he was gripping, his hair is growing up. the judge will decide if the case will say in tucson or move to phoenix. a woman accused of stealing a baby from her hospital crib 20 years ago is being held without bail. an pet way was in federal court on kidnapping charges after surrendering to police yesterday. car liter a white was reunited with her birth mother after figure undertaking out she wasn't raised by her family.
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a suicide bomber struck in the heart of russia at one of russia's busiest airports, 35 people were killed, 180 injured when a blast rocked the terminal. the massive x police was even caught on security camera. smoke, discarded baggage and bodies all over the floor. they heard the bomber shout "i'll kill you all" before he detonated the bomb. so far no one has claimed responsibility in the attack. the family of baltimore ravens family ed reed looking for closure called in a private search team, they saw what appeared to be a body. divers from texas say it was tangled in debris but they were unable to get to it. he has been missing since january 7th when he apparently jumped into the river after being confronted by a deputy sheriff. well forget about rush hour. how about just a rush on the streets.
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>> it's going to get crowded on the streets of baltimore as indy car racing comes to our corner of the world. find out how you can get your hands around a pair of tickets. >> and we thought the coupon lady was rubbing off on all of us. she is clipping for what. how baltimore ranks with other cities when it comes to 3 for 1s and 50% off. >> 29 degrees out at bwi, 41 is our average here in maryland even in late january, this is unseasonably cold stuff. take a look here, next storm brewing down in texas and louisiana. when it gets here right after this.
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deliver his second state of the union address, you can watch it right here at 1:00. the president is expected to talk about the issues that really defined his presidency. we're talking about jobs, the economy, the federal deficit and much more. whenever the president makes this address there is a lot on the line but for president obama the stakes are even higher this year. state of the union is an enormous opportunity for him to continue this rebound, this come back. >> as obama lays out his legislative agenda before a hostile house many republicans and democrats will sit side by side instead of across the aisle from one another in a show of by partisanship. but there are plenty in the gop who aren't buying it including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the president trained for this like it's a big game. he even ad pre-state of the union address. >> rahm ehmann you will left his post to run for mayor of chicago. now it looks like he may want to keep his washington address
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because a court in illinois has ruled thaty doesn't meet the residency requirements which states you have to physically live in chicago for one year before running for offers. now emmanuel didn't move back from d.c. until october. the election is set for next month and his lawyers are hopeful the state supreme court is going to have to take up the case. they are going to have to move quickly because the election, they need to start printing ballots immediately. a big step forward to work for the creation of the september 11th memorial right here in arizona. the zigger sheet architectural firm has been selected to lead the design of the memorial which is expected to be ready by the 10th anniversary of 911 which is this year. it will be around the world trade center inner harbor and will incorporate steel beams from the twin towers. while in tonight's consumer alert it seems baltimore is not thriftyest cities.
11:16 pm released their latest survey. atlanta was the thriftyest city. the average atlanta user saved more than a thousand dollars and you may not want to hear this right now, listen up jamie. >> what? >> maybe a little too soon. but pittsburgh was in the top 10. baltimore didn't make it to the top 20. so how do you change that? well the web site says the first place to look of course is the sunday paper with all those coupon-filled circumstance you lars, of course they want you to use their web site,, but there are other options out there on the internet like smart and coupon be sure to join store loyalty programs like the giant bonus card that gives you access to automatic savings. if you're too busy to clip real coupons check out one of the smart phone aps which will deliver the coupons right into the palm of your hands. coming to our town in 8 months it's going to be a cross between the a.f.c. championship, the preakness, opening day, the lacrosse final four and the turkey bowl. it is indy car racing on the
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street where you live. madam mayor, start our engines. >> keep it goin'. >> you are now in the driver's seat. this is exclusive video of a test run for the indy run here in baltimore. 180 miles per hour, while you spent your life in the lane of red light/green light. jay davidson, how many are coming? >> 1 '00,000 people over three days. i think we're going to below through that number. >> don't below past the pit where the mayor is making sure you're in the winner's lane. is a mona will make sure you know what that's like. >> indy cars race lost here, they are driving against elliott and and to be raising again is is a little bit intim kateing. >> you are looking at world- class racing right off your curb. the race track will be 2 miles
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anywhere from 8 to 100 laps, take two hours to be finished. one sponsor who wants it first is the nuclear team. >> it is a clean form of energy, it is a safe form of producing electricity and it answer as lot of our issues and needs our country needs, that's the reason we decided to be a part of this. >> this is something we don't get to see so consider this. in a car like this it would take you under an hour to get to ocean city. and that's taking in the bay bridge and tolls. speed is coming to baltimore. that is worthy of a standing o. [ sound of race car ] . >> like one of those video games. for more information go to but hurry, speed speed. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> i get excited just watching.
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>> that is awesome. 80 laps, you get to see it. >> labor day weekend. we're thinking about that summer weather right about then too. >> go to 80 and sunny. >> that's how everyone is going to be so much better by june. but for now more frigid weather on tap and it will be a little nicer tomorrow, guys above 40, all for you, into it, show you what we're showing right now. pretty, i don't know, we're looking at something here. >> yeah jamie. >> let's look. >> baltimore magazine. >> i think somebody is in this magazine. somebody we know. >> look. >> uh-huh. >> wow. who is that? eh, listen. what do i have here. it says here favorite book. >> i don't read do i. >> it is not about the bikes. >> i like this one, what tradition should be more common. he says ma sawn sage. >> what? >> and look aligning. val kilmer. >> really val kilmer? nice picture too. look. eh. >> we're getting -- >> yeah. >> i thought i was gonna get out of this. >> how did you spend the
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blizzard? >> working my butt but off. >> you're the weather man, what did you expect? wyatt everhart, great picture. >> a great mag though. >> nice. >> kelly i know you were pulling for me. >> yeah, there's great people in there, check it out, baltimore magazine, jess bloomberg, whoth whole crew. >> good luck finding a single gal. isn't that what this is all about. >> good luck huh. >> you're on your own buddy. >> with the seven-day. >> keep reading let me know if you have any tips for me. all right guys, think back to those single days and let me know what the secret is. all right? 27 at the airport right now, a chilly night, but really not, nothing compared to the last few nights we were in the single digits in maryland. annapolis blue skies today, a nice little sunset there and take you out to glen oak, if you look carefully, snow on the ground in the northern part of the county but tough to get much melting even with the sunshine the last couple of days.
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we're in the upper 20s right now and i think we'll fall off just a few degrees tonight. so actually i can't believe i'm saying this but 20s, you know, late january, 20s really not bad. high temperatures today close to 30, didn't get to freezing, well above freezing, except for salisbury and winchester and down into central virgin mary. but, man, again an improvement, a less windy day. tomorrow we're going to add 10, 12 degrees to those numbers. so eh, low 40s, really not bad considering the weather we have been having. a nice little break in the weather coming tomorrow. 43 pasadena, take you over to the eastern shore. we could get into the mid-and upper 40s, it's possible, but gonna be so short lived, another storm blowing in for us wednesday. clouds, rain, rain mixed with snow, probably goes all to snow wednesday night as the thing blows out of here. just cloudy tonight, but out to the south and west you could see what is goin' on down here, heavy rain showers and storms and this is where we always get our bigger storms out of this
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time of year. texas lows and that's what we're looking at. milder air will come in tomorrow behind that arctic high temperature. we're happy to see this thing moving offshore and out to new england. that's the core of that frigid air over maryland all weekend long. not fit for man or beast out there but getting better as we look at today, tomorrow partly cloudy but decent, storm on the way. 11:00 tuesday night, i think you're fine for the evening commute, evening plans tomorrow. as we go into wednesday morning, storm moving in. probably starts out with a little more snow than rain, early morning wednesday, wednesday morning commute could be a headache, all rain probably wednesday afternoon, then back to a snow form of precipitation wednesday night into thursday morning. it will be on the back edge of this storm as it really gets strong off the shore. but right now wednesday night pretty ugly around here, that couldly really also play havoc into the thursday morning plans. still a couple days out on this storm. 22 mostly cloudy tonight.
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then as we go into tomorrow 42, a nice break in the weather, even tomorrow night i think looks fine right now though increasingly cloudy but that wintery mix comes in by daybreak on wednesday and again through the day, rain mixed with snow, wednesday that looks to be the worst of it right now. it will be out of here by thursday morning. behind that storm temps cold but not really frigid. back to you guys. >> val kilmer on weather everybody. thank you everybody. we know by now the super bowl is not happening with the ravens this year. okay? the ravens were supposed to be representing, however, it may come as small comfort. four ravens have been singled out for a great honor, they have been national named to the all-pro team. ed reed makes the first team. haloti ngata on the defensive line, and selected as the best kicker in the nfl. ray lewis didn't make the first team but was selected as the second team linebacker. >> we'll be there next year. >> yes.
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>> okay. >> i believe it. >> we'll be right back. >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean.
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this is stan the fan charles, the matchup for the big game february 6th in dallas is set and the steelers will be playing in their eighth super bowl tying them with the cowboys for most ever played in. however the black and gold will be goin' for their seventh win in their eight trips. here is the reaction of terribly guns of loyal fans. the team that appeared in and won the first two super bowls, the green bay packers, are back for a fifth try and their fourth super bowl victory. their more civilized fans are happy nonetheless. check out all your sports news on
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abc 2 works for the community. a proud partner with the national aquarium, baltimore.
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, i should do that last forecast thing. i'll find a prospect for wyatt. >> good news for everyone. this part could be painful. 42 for tomorrow afternoon, that is going to be a big improvement. enjoy that. there is another storm moving in, we're watching that thing
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come out of texas, should be here early wednesday morning, a break in the weather tomorrow. you got it goin' kelly. >> couple prospects here. >> cheryl connor is making the front of this next year. >> you know that. >> grams. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a great west of your evening. >> cop 3 kelly, give me your top 3. allright? [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba programs,
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